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Welcome to my web pages. If you accidentally came here, you can click here to go to somewhere more interesting. If you're looking for Mustafa Odabasi, you came to the right place.!

Now, a little about me.. I'm a Turkish web designer, who likes Rock Music and Fast Cars... I have a web design company called Virgo, cause I'm a Virgo. I try to make people get what they expect from the Internet commercially.

I was born and raised in Ankara - Turkey, and this is the place where I still live. I had always been a computer enthusiast, and although I haven't studied anything related to computers, I found myself earning money with computers. 'Life has a funny way of helping you out'..! :-)

I'm a big Dire Straits fan. Before I began to design web pages proffesionaly, I have designed the first and the only Dire Straits page in Turkey. You can click here and go there if you want. Now I don't have time to make pages for fun, and unfortunately to update them, so sorry for the design mistakes. Those pages were designed in 1996.

Last words... My E-Mail is modabasi@virgo.com.tr .. You can e-mail me if you like. If you didn't yet, check out the links section, and please sign my Guestbook before you leave.

Thanks for stopping by...

Mustafa Odabasi

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