Romeo & Juliet

Tuning: Normal
Capo: None
-----5------5------------3--------------        Repeat two times and on
----------------------------------------        second time when you get to
----------------------------------------        X jump to the tab below..


And then play the song with the chords found on the James Reese tab (below)

Have phun!



From jreese@leland.Stanford.EDU (james reese)
Subject: Re: tab for Dire Straits and Spin Doctors...
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 92 07:19:09 GMT

This is the version that I figured out, after listening to the song about
12,000 times. It's not nearly as rich as the one that Mark Knopfler does,
but it certainly makes it recognizable. And it's fun to play. Any
corrections/additions are quite welcome.

Song: "Rome and Juliet"
Group: Dire Straits
Album: Making Movies

The intro starts out with a D-structured F chord: strum and then pick out
the first three notes, then strum again. Next, pick the last three notes
of the F chord and slide the picking down the E-string to a Bb chord:

    F(D-struct)                                  Bb (strum a few times)

Now pick on the E-string back up to the D-struct. F chord and pick those
first 3 notes again, then strum. Now quickly move to a downward sweep pick
on the F chord barred at the first fret (plus the unfretted E-string note),
which leads back to the Bb:

            F(D-struct)             F(barred,1st fret)      Bb(strum...)

Now it's back up the E-string to the D-struct F for more of the same
(the rest of the band kicks in here and starts to obscure things).

            F(D-struct)                                  Bb(strum...)

This time on the way back up to the D-struct F we play the A and G notes
on the E-string. Then do the D-struct F thing again, then do a quick
downward seep-pick on the open C chord, with the high G note added (1st
string at 3rd fret). An open E-string then leads to the Bb.
Then it's up to the D-struct F for the start of the lyrics:

            F(D-struct)                              Bb(strum/pick...)
--5--3------5-------------5------------------3---0---1-------0h1--3--- etc

F(Dstruct)                 Dm (open)                     C(open)  F(1st fret)
A lovestruck Romeo         sings a streetsuss serenade

F(1st fret)           C(open)  Dm(open)              Bb
Laying everybody low              with the love song that he made

C(barre 3rd fret)    Bb  C(3rd fret)       F(1st fret)
Finds a streetlight       Steps out of the shade, says something like

Bb                     C(3rd fret)
you and me, babe, how about it?

Then add that nice little riff:

--------3--1-----  Followed by strumming F(1st fret).

F(1st fret)                    C(open)  Dm(open)
Juliet says, "Hey, it's Romeo!          you nearly gave me a 'eart attack!"

C(open) F(1st fret)                C(open) Dm(open)           Bb
        He's underneath the window,  she's singing "Hey la my boyfriend's back

C(3rd fret)              Bb C(3rd fret)               F(1st fret)
Shouldn't come around here, singing up at people like that

Bb                            C(3rd fret)
  Anyway, what you gonna do about it?"

   F(1st fret) C(3rd fret)     Dm(5th fret)  C(3rd fret)   Bb
Juliet            the dice was loaded from   the           start

    C(3rd fret)  F(1st fret)  C(3rd fret)    Dm(5th fret)  C(3rd fret)  Bb
And I            bet               and you exploded into   my           heart

      C   F     C  Bb   Dm(open)       Bb
And I forget, I forget,      the movie song

  Gm                            F    Bb            C        B  C   F
--3--  When you gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet

And now you can do the downward sweep-picking on the F(1st fret) to get
to the Bb, then pick up the E-string to get to the D-struct F again. That's
about it (at least, that's as much as I'm able to do).

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